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Robin's Timeline

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Sept 1972 - Joined Army age 15 as a Junior Soldier

Dec 1974 - Depot Parachute Regiment

May 1975 - 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment

75-78 - Three operational tours of Northern Ireland (Op Banner) Shot, laid on bomb.


Sept 1978 - First SAS selection. Failed but retained for 2nd attempt.

Jan 1979 - Second SAS Selection. 

May 1979 - Badged to B Sqn 22 SAS.

Qualified as a Registered Emergency Medical Technician. 

Dec 1979 - 4th tour of Northern Ireland.

May 1980 - Operation Nimrod. Hostage Rescue London.

Sept 1981 - Married to wife Heather.

Nov 1981 - Qualified Linguist. Arabic

Feb 1982 - Operation Sandy Wanderer. Discovered measles in the Bedouin population of Oman.

Oct 1982 - Qualified as Royal Marines Sniper Marksman

Apr 1982 Operation Mikado Falklands War.

Jan 1983 5th Tour Northern Ireland

Nov 1984 Purchased discharge from HM Forces

1984 - Mar 1986 Bodyguard Al Fayed Family London. Qualified Black Belt in Karate

June 86 - Contract Soldier Sri Lanka. Resigned.

1987 - Bodyguard Sheikh Mohammed and John Akah Blay Mazer.

1988 - Bodyguard Rafic Harriri Lebanon.


1990 - Major in Frelimo armed forces Mozambique

1991 - Bodyguard Albert Dunlap

1992 - Director of Security Company.

1992 - Medical Officer for Omai Gold Guyana. Built, trained staff and managed the medical reception centre.

1994 - Founded London Shukokai Karate.

1999 - Founded- London Karate Limited

2002 - Published Autobiography 

Fighting Scared 

2003 - Appeared in BAFTA award winning documentary SAS Embassy Siege. 

2004 - Won Australian Shukokai Karate Kata Championships. Melbourne

2011 - Qualified as 6th Dan Black Belt in Karate

2012 - Broke his neck and retired from teaching karate.

2013 - Attended University of Surrey as an undergraduate in English Literature and Creative Writing.

2016 - Graduated BA (Hons) 2:1

2017-2020 - Published a three book trilogy. The Words of the Wise Old Paratrooper

2018 - Diagnosed with malignant bladder cancer.

Successfully treated and now in recovery.




One wife, five children, ten grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.

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